Discover How To Increase Your Odds Against The Casino By Learning The True Principles Of The Casino Games



Some concerns you might have....

  • You are scared because you have not been to a casino before

  • You are not sure if this method works because everyone seems to have a bad experience at the casino

  • You are uncertain if you have enough capital to execute this strategy

  • You are skeptical and you want to find out more on how it works

extra Income

Consistent source of income rather than a lucky draw


Join our successful and positive community of like-minded individuals where you can enjoy the casino experience as a group


Keep up to date with the latest casino benefits and how to obtain them efficiently


Knowledge on the dangers of gambling and how to protect yourself through responsible gaming

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Who am I?

I’m a Roulette enthusiast with over fifteen years of experience with the game. I have consistently generated cash flow from the game and am now committed to working with and mentoring my community on how they can do the same.

Today, I am a VIP in both Casinos in Singapore and on board cruises


Paiza GOLD by Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)

Maxims Club Platinum from Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)


Genting Rewards Jade Tier from Resorts World Sentosa (Singapore)




Team R is a community of like-minded individuals who have come together and identified 3 social problems of the world that needs to be resolved.


We are a for-profit organisation as we believe it will be more sustainable for us to resolve these social problems while benefitting our supporters financially for their efforts.

Solving the 3 Social Problems

1. People don't know how to make more money

2. Lack of of proper education programs on how to enjoy healthy casino gaming and be aware of the possible dangers.

3. Relationships are strained because of a knowledge gap between loved ones

What You're going to get...

  • roulette as a sustainable source of income
stressing over hours how to best earn a quick income or tired of counting your cents after each day and still failing
  • reviewing your needs and available capital, we will then create a customised strategy tailor-made exactly for you
why waste thousands of dollars, and thousands of hours trying to find the right strategy by yourself. 
  • Team r premium membership benefits
up-to-date of the latest casino packages and analysis to know the best value in the market
  • access to in-depth training on team r ROULETTE strategies
  • Casino hidden benefits and marketing secret
allowing you to obtain rewards from staycations, to vouchers, VIP perks and access to exclusive events
  • 1 year pERsonal coaching from winchester and his team of trainers
given the guidance from a mentor, you will succeed provided you genuinely put in effort to follow strategies taught
  • enhancing your traditional business models with a competitive edge using roulette knowledge
achieve higher profit margin and rise above business competitors
  • be part of an inner circle community
bond and collaborate with like-minded successful individuals 
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Lim Siong Boon, Entrepreneur

Winchester teaches me the mindset to take calculated risk, using Roulette game as a means to get extra pocket money and also to do business.

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Diana, HR Manager

Roulette is one of the famous casino games that is very popular. However, most of the time beginners lose money often due to not understanding the rules of the game and not understanding the table.
By just playing based completely on luck, it will certainly be a loss.


Sheila, Entrepreneur

1) Team R is much more than strategies on playing Roulette. It provides strategies to play bigger games in life!

2) I have zero knowledge on Roulette and never step into a casino before. To be honest, initially I have no desire to learn how to play Roulette as I linked it to gambling. But what caught my attention was when Winchester shared the science behind how he played the game. It was really not gambling but how to tap on Roulette to play even bigger games in life! After being with Team R and constantly participate to learn and practice, I would say “Team R is not for everyone, but everyone needs Team R”.

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Sleepless, Singapore

Win is very patient to explain the concepts and the fundamentals and ingredients to move the odds to winning. If you are new to this and want to learn the know-how, i suggest you take the leap of faith and sign up.

Yeah no hardselling here.. I spoke to win for an hour today and he didn't hard sell to me. He tried to understand my situation and my motivation in life right now so as to see what he can advise on. And so during the call, I decided to take the leap of faith and joined his course.

What do we mean?

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Check out the guys who join Team R and got their VIP Cards

Team R community hangout session

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Dream Cruise and Marina Bay Sands!!

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